Madison Logic Named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: B2B Intent Data Providers, Q2 2023! Read the Wave Report
Madison Logic Named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: B2B Intent Data Providers, Q2 2023!

Genesys Focuses on ABM with Madison Logic


As Paid Media Manager, Americas for Genesys, Eric Roesch oversees media buying, including paid social and paid search. Before partnering with Madison Logic, Genesys worked with an agency to do much of the heavy lifting; managers gave the agency their required parameters and the agency would execute a combination of ideal customer profile (ICP) and account targeting.

This strategy wasn’t generating the results it needed, so Genesys decided to focus more on Account Based Marketing (ABM) and chose Madison Logic to help.

“We implemented an account-based everything approach,” Roesch says. We needed to engage with the customers according to where they are in the funnel and deliver relevant content. We needed a partner that could do that for us.”


Genesys wanted a solution that was global, scalable and reliable, and Roesch knew that Madison Logic was the right partner to help accomplish its goals.

“Madison Logic is well-known in the industry, and the company has a good reputation for data quality and scalability from a regional standpoint. We wanted a partner that could support all our different regions across the globe.”

Genesys started using Madison Logic’s ABM Content Syndication to reach its target accounts with relevant content. The company paired this with intent data from the ML Data Cloud to better inform its ABM content strategy on what topics its best accounts were researching. Additionally, Genesys used ABM Signals to feed their prospects’ engagement data back into their marketing automation platform.

According to Roesch, “We recently launched an intent data campaign. When we see that a company or an account is showing interest, we capture that lead through Madison Logic as quickly as possible.”


Roesch shared that Madison Logic has helped provide not only high-quality Marketing Qualified Leads or MQLs, but also Marketing Captured Leads or MCLs. “MCLs are unique leads that have all the complete data for us to market to them,” Roesch said. “We use this as a key top of the funnel metric because getting unique contacts for account expansion purposes has a great impact on our bottom line. Madison Logic does a good job of generating MCLs.”

“We’ve already begun sourcing opportunities from ML –which is a great result,” said Roesch. “We have a long buying cycle, so being able to take leads from our ML programs and convert them to opportunities in less than six months is helping to drive our marketing ROI.”

Roesch wants to lean into ABM over the next year and plans to work with Madison Logic at a deeper level –including adding new tactics like Journey Acceleration™, which will allow him to reach multiple buyers with relevant content to achieve full-funnel coverage and accelerate the long buying cycle.

“The biggest thing for next year is to continue to hone our ABM strategy to be more effective across the different stages of the funnel,” Roesch said. “In the future, we’ll move even more towards a Demand Unit Waterfall approach, where we can do a few smaller campaigns and continue to do some segmentation of higher vs. lower market. Madison Logic is a great partner for us to do exactly that.”

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