Madison Logic Named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: B2B Intent Data Providers, Q2 2023! Read the Wave Report
Madison Logic Named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: B2B Intent Data Providers, Q2 2023!

ABM Connected TV

Create the awareness
that drives demand

Lift engagement from awareness to conversion. Grow your
multi-channel ABM strategy with highly targetable and fully
measurable TV advertising.

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The world’s largest companies power their marketing with our data

Capture your audience’s attention from day one

77% of B2B buyers pick a vendor from a pre-selected list before the research begins. ABM Connected TV pushes you in front of key players in the buying committee before day one.

Target accounts with precision

Get your CTV ads in front of your ideal buyer audience with Madison Logic’s 95% match rate

Amplify your

Maximize brand exposure, frequency and depth by combining ABM CTV with your media channels

Gain end-to-end visibility

Track the pipeline and revenue impact of ABM CTV alongside your other multi-channel investments

Drive higher engagement with your top accounts

Our B2B clients grow faster when they add CTV into their ABM strategy.


Account match rate


Completion rate


Lift in research activity*

Built for marketing teams that think as one

Unify your marketing efforts with our data-driven GTM approach that builds pipeline and accelerates conversion.

Drive Awareness

Advertise where your buyers browse and stream

Accelerate the early stages of the buying journey by using ABM CTV to drive awareness within buying committees through Madison Logic’s exceptional match rate.

  • Access market-leading intent data to identify key accounts
  • Reach buyers across all their digital devices with 15 and 30-second video ads on platforms like Xbox, Playstation, Roku, or smart TVs
  • Diversify brand presence and expand footprint across multiple channels

of U.S. households are expected to watch CTV by 2025

Increase Performance

Accelerate conversions with a full-funnel ABM strategy

Integrate ABM CTV alongside content syndication, display ads, and paid social campaigns to leverage full-funnel, always-on ABM.

  • Increase touchpoints and ad frequency to buying committees
  • Deliver a personalized TV advertising experience powered by industry-leading data insights
  • Guide buyers from brand recognition to demand generation across multiple digital channels

of U.S. viewers use at least one streaming TV service overall, and 64% watch at least one ad-supported service, according to Gartner

Measure Impact

Track and validate campaign performance in real time

Validate performance and measure the impact of every dollar spent, linking your CTV media investment to pipeline growth and revenue impact.

  • Track metrics on impressions and completion rate for each advert
  • Get deeper insights into account engagement
  • Analyze campaign performance across all ABM channels to measure ROI

of CMOs will need to optimize their ability to measure marketing’s performance and demonstrate the value marketing delivers to the business

Customers have named us Market Leader in Intent Data, ABM Advertising, and ABM Analytics

Frequently asked questions

Connected TV (CTV) refers to televisions and devices capable of connecting to the internet. These connected devices can deliver or view Over-The-Top (OTT) content and advertising. CTV devices include smart TVs equipped with built-in internet access, streaming devices like Roku or Amazon Fire Stick, and Gaming Consoles like Xbox or PlayStation.

ABM Connected TV from Madison Logic allows marketers to combine the power of account-based marketing with the reach and scale of TV advertising to deliver personalized and precisely targeted video content directly to key accounts.We provide unique value to our CTV customers in three ways:

  1. Our ability to identify and prioritize target accounts through our market-leading intent data and reach key audiences on the devices they use most.
  2. Our multi-channel offering allows you to integrate ABM CTV with demand generation channels for full-funnel, always-on campaigns.
  3. Our advanced measurement capabilities within the ML Platform track and validate multi-channel campaign performance in a single view.

We have the following publishing options available:

  • Broadcast: Traditional television networks that supply both over radio frequency airwaves and also through the internet. Examples include Fox and CBS.
  • Free Ad Supported TV: Streaming platforms or services that offer viewers free access to TV content in exchange for advertising.
  • Virtual Multichannel Video Programming Distributors: Streaming platforms or services offering live TV bundles over the internet. They provide an alternative to traditional cable or satellite TV subscriptions, allowing viewers to access live TV content via the internet.
  • CTV Apps: CTV apps are applications or software programs designed specifically for CTV devices. These apps allow users to directly access content like streaming services, on-demand videos, games, and other interactive experiences on their internet-connected televisions.
  • Device Manufacturers: These companies design, produce, and sell CTV devices like Smart TVs, streaming media players, and gaming consoles.

We can reach 97 million professionals across 330 million devices in North America for CTV.

We have market-leading CTV targeting capabilities and intent data insights. Madison Logic intent data is called ML Insights and has been recognized as an industry-leading capability by Forrester and G2. This proprietary and comprehensive data set allows us to identify the accounts most likely to buy, target the key personas, and uncover the best content topics to share with that audience. These intent insights are combined with our data-matching capabilities to deliver precise, account-level CTV targeting at a 95% match rate.

Typical brand campaigns target broad demographics, shows, and dayparts to provide messaging over long-time horizons.  We take the opposite approach and provide account-level targeting delivered to the device your account target is using so you can easily integrate and measure CTV into your other account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns. So, you unify content syndication, display, and LinkedIn with us in one seamless multichannel ABM program.

CTV is an ideal channel to help your brand and product drive awareness to be top of mind at the top of the funnel or any buying stage. CTV is the only B2B media channel that delivers longer-form video content at a 90%+ completion rate to engage your audience on the largest screen in the room.

We recommend utilizing CTV as part of a full-funnel, always-on ABM marketing strategy alongside Display Advertising as a year-round media to stay top of mind with your key audience prospects. For CTV campaigns, we advise no shorter than a 90-day campaign to demonstrate a lift in engagement. Television campaigns are more effective with longer duration.

The best way to leverage CTV advertising content is to seamlessly incorporate it into your multichannel ABM programs while measuring the impact on pipeline and revenue in one single platform. Our solution allows for you to unify your CTV communication into one seamless platform for delivery, performance, tracking, and optimization.

*Source for one TV advertisement running for 10 weeks targeting 1500+ accounts. Research activity is measured on the average lift of the ML Insights account scoring.