Madison Logic Named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: B2B Intent Data Providers, Q2 2023!

Convert your best accounts faster

Madison Logic is the only ABM activation solution that combines three sources of intent signals, four leading media channels, and real-time measurement to drive quality conversions faster for exceptional ROI.

The world’s largest companies grow faster with Madison Logic

The Opportunity

Generate the account engagement that drives revenue impact

According to LinkedIn, with only 5% of potential customers actively in market and buying groups larger than ever, traditional ABM strategies won’t work.

Prioritize the
ready to buy

Reach the audiences most likely to convert by focusing on the highest-scoring accounts and personas at scale.

Stay top of
mind while your
buyers research

Progress buyers through the pipeline using the most relevant messaging at every stage of the sales cycle.

engagement across
the buying journey

Track multi-channel impact on every stage of the sales cycle, fueling deeper customer connections and faster growth.


Accelerate the buying journey with a
unified, multi-channel approach

Identify high-value accounts to drive higher engagement and greater ROI

Target Accounts Globally

Engage the entire buying committee across target industries, functions and regions on a global scale.

Prioritize the Right Accounts

Leverage industry-leading ML Insights to uncover the best accounts, personas, & content for your ABM strategy.

Activate personalized ABM campaigns across 
channels to increase reach and conversion

Become the category expert with your best content
Drive demand with hyper-targeted video advertising
Stay top-of-mind across the sales cycle
Turn the entire influencer circle into your brand advocate

Measure impact on pipeline value, volume, and velocity.

Track every touchpoint, every engagement, every dollar’s impact on pipeline and revenue. Confidently optimize your strategy and accelerate the buying journey – all from a single, powerful platform.

It’s not magic, it’s logic

Multi-channel ABM activation strategies deliver clear
impact on pipeline creation and conversion.


Lift in account engagement


Increase in pipeline


Faster pipeline velocity

Traditional Demand Gen
With Madison Logic
Your generalized messaging strategy isn’t resonating with your audience
Gain the insights to engage buyers with personalized content aligned to their needs
Your prospects go cold and you struggle to convert them into pipeline
Leverage leading digital advertising channels to increase engagement and maximize exposure
Your opportunities stall throughout the sales cycle
Access real-time data to optimize campaign performance and move best-fit accounts faster

Marketers behind the fastest-growing
companies in the world love Madison Logic

“Madison Logic allowed us to leverage additional KPIs that we previously weren’t able to obtain, like the actual pipeline value or revenue value. Our engagement rates have definitely increased, our cost per opportunity value has definitely decreased.”

Thomas Matthew
Senior Marketing Manager

“Madison Logic has really helped in the top funnel contact lead acquisition.
We have achieved above benchmark lead to contact conversions, as well as working with sales to nurture those leads so we get that above benchmark pipeline. We’ve been really fortunate to be working with Madison Logic.”

Claudia Wong
Senior Manager, Digital Marketing APJ

“We’ve been working with Madison Logic for some time now and developed a fabulous partnership with them. We continue to work with Madison Logic because they deliver results at the end of the day.”

Andrew Ward
Marketing Director

“When we look at the results of these programs, it was so nice to see direct impact on pipeline and at a massive level.
We can actually see the impact on the pipeline and how we’re influencing it. It’s going to help push those opportunities to
close faster, or with a higher ROI.”

Ian Michiels
Sr. Director of Global Field & Partner Marketing

Trusted across the globe to accelerate growth across the buying journey

Customers rank Madison Logic
a Leader at every step
of their ABM strategy:

  • Account-Based Advertising
  • Account-Based Orchestration Platforms
  • Account-Based Analytics
  • Account-Data Management

Ready to run ABM
the right way?

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