Madison Logic Named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: B2B Intent Data Providers, Q2 2023!

ML Insights

Identify and prioritize
the accounts ready to buy

Our industry-leading intent data helps B2B marketers
prioritize in-market accounts, know which personas to
engage across the buying committee, and understand what
content is most likely to convert.

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The world’s largest companies trust our data to power their multi-channel ABM strategies

Stop wasting time chasing the wrong accounts

ML Insights reveals the 1-5% of prospects actually worth selling to. Know when an account is ready to buy and take immediate action to drive higher ROI.

Prioritize in-market accounts

Maximize your marketing spend by dynamically targeting the accounts ready to buy

Win over buying committees

Focus on the key personas within buying committees to accelerate deal conversion

Engage with the best content

Uncover the content that resonates with your customers at every stage of their journey

The fastest path to revenue

ML Insights multi-layer data intelligence fills your marketing pipeline with
accounts that demonstrate high-conversion potential.


Lift in account engagement


Increase in pipeline


Faster pipeline velocity

Three sources of data. One account score.

ML Insights pulls real-time intent data from over 20 million companies worldwide to reveal the
content and media your target accounts and personas actively engage with the most.
Accounts are scored in real-time to accurately predict when they are moving in-market.


Prioritize in-market accounts

Be the first to know when your ideal buyers are moving in-market. ML Insights notifies you of activity spikes from key accounts in

  • Refine your audience targeting by uncovering the accounts ready to buy
  • Move accounts in and out of your target lists in real-time
  • Identify early-stage accounts and build brand awareness

“We use Madison Logic’s intent data to help us maximize the effectiveness of our marketing spend. Intent helps us further tighten our target accounts.”

Andrew Ward

Marketing Director at Salesforce


Power personalized experiences with AI-driven insights

Provide bespoke content and messaging for each member of the buying committee to influence decision making.

  • Prioritize the key personas within buying committees to influence decision making
  • Align your content with the trending topics your target customers are researching
  • Build in-depth experiences by tailoring content to funnel stages

“The ability to target the accounts we want with the executives and get and expose the right message to the right target audience is critical. It is a complex sales cycle where we're targeting multiple personas in a deal cycle.”

Ian Michiels

Sr. Director, Global Field & Partner Marketing at Webex


Increase campaign effectiveness in real-time

Dynamically adjust campaign strategy to increase performance and accelerate conversion.

  • Enrich account insights with unique intent signals to maintain accurate targeting
  • Route audiences into relevant nurture paths with enhanced account scores
  • Align sales and marketing efforts with data-backed insights to capitalize on opportunities

“By using data and insights, we can orchestrate relevance and trusted marketing actions throughout the customer lifecycle.”

Alexander Meyers

Head of B2B Performance Marketing at Adobe

We’ve got market-leading intent data. And the awards to back it up.

Frequently asked questions

With access to the largest network of professionals, ML Insights is designed to provide deep insights into content consumption and the buying behaviors of your target accounts and personas, enabling our customers to create meaningful and personalized experiences. It uniquely identifies when accounts are entering a buying cycle, key personas in buying committees, and the content that drives engagement.

With 18+ years of development, ML Insights leverages three sources of datasets and a proprietary scoring model to track buyer activity, market trends and accurately predict when accounts are moving in-market, driving higher engagement and campaign ROI.

Our proprietary engagement data is completely unique to Madison Logic combining intent from four leading ABM activation channels. It measures how frequently accounts are being targeted across multiple digital channels as well as which key personas are being singled out within the buying committee.

ML Insights simultaneously observes how these same companies and personas engage through content consumption, display and CTV advertising, and social media interactions to identify the best time to activate and optimize campaigns along with which messaging will deliver the highest impact.

ML Insights can be leveraged in three ways to enhance your account-based marketing strategy:

1. Refine targeting strategies:
ML Insights enables you to identify new in-market accounts, dynamically prioritize and curate a list of accounts with the highest propensity to purchase, and identify opportunities to expand your reach within your current customer base. By strategically allocating your budget to target the accounts with the highest level of buying intent, you can significantly boost the performance of your campaigns and guarantee optimal return on investment.

2. Build personalized ABM experiences:
Leverage ML Insights to gain real-time visibility into the research topics your accounts are exploring. Tailor your content to the key personas within buying committees to create relevant experiences that will drive higher engagement.

3. Optimize your campaigns:
Enrich your CRM and MAP tools with Madison Logic’s intent data to improve account scoring and uncover the insights your sales teams need to capitalize on new opportunities. Leverage real-time intent data to build dynamic, always-on segments and create personalized workflows that accelerate the sales cycle.

Any customer with a live media campaign has full access to Madison Logic’s buyer intent data, free of charge. Madison Logic provides 15, 30 and 90-day look-back windows of trending topics, research behavior, content engagement, LinkedIn engagement (likes, clicks, comments and shares), and website traffic.

ABM intent signals are automatically pushed in real-time to your CRM and Marketing Automation Platform tools, enriching your account data and improving your scoring process. Our white-glove service gets your campaigns set up and running quickly so you can generate ROI and business impact faster.

Switching is not necessary. Madison Logic’s intent data can perfectly complement the data captured by other B2B intent data providers. By incorporating the buying intent data signals from Madison Logic, you will: build the most accurate picture of in-market accounts, target the key decision-makers, and uncover the content that drives higher campaign engagement.

Customers choose Madison Logic for our high-quality buyer intent data, unparalleled global reach and scale, multiple media channels, and our ability to deliver key insights that generate higher ROI. This allows them to deliver full-funnel always on account-based marketing programs at scale.