ABM Social Advertising with LinkedIn

Orchestrate global multi-channel engagement initiatives with your best accounts across all LinkedIn advertising formats and gain the clarity to understand what’s driving sales opportunities.

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Unlock the benefits of multi-channel campaign activation

Madison Logic’s ABM Social Advertising with LinkedIn helps you maximize engagement with the accounts most likely to purchase your solution.

Drive pipeline and revenue impact

Validate the impact of three ABM marketing channels on pipeline and ROI with performance and engagement insights across ABM Content Syndication, ABM Display Advertising, and LinkedIn advertising. Analyze performance at campaign, account segment, or individual account levels.

Measure account-based engagement across channels

Get unparalleled visibility into account-level engagement across three key paid media channels on the ML Platform. This single unified view gives marketing and sales teams visibility into the impact of their cross-channel engagement.

Prioritize accounts showing purchase intent

Knowing who is interested in your solution is the most important indicator of purchase behavior. Madison Logic helps you identify the accounts most likely to become a customer so you can engage them with a unified message across ABM Content Syndication, ABM Display Advertising, and LinkedIn advertising.

Maximize exposure, right from the LinkedIn feed

Madison Logic’s integration with LinkedIn ads lets you see how up to 10,000 accounts are engaging with all LinkedIn ad formats including Sponsored Content, Message ads, Video ads, and more within the newsfeed or LinkedIn Messaging.

Surround the buying committee with your brand

Multi-channel account-based marketing with Madison Logic gives you full visibility into the sales funnel, helping you understand how accounts are engaging with your brand, and empowering you to optimize outreach for maximum engagement.

ABM Content Syndication

Put your best content in front of B2B buying committees – whitepapers, webinars, and more.

ABM Advertising

Keep your brand top of mind using mobile, native, video, and desktop ads.

ABM Social Advertising with LinkedIn

Target accounts showing signals they’re looking to buy in LinkedIn’s trusted environment.

Three channels. One platform. Endless opportunity.

See advanced LinkedIn metrics

Unlock LinkedIn campaign engagement insights including impressions, likes, clicks, comments, and shares within all of your target accounts.

Analyze campaign success

Measure granular account engagement through leads, impressions, brand exposure time, site visits, and more.

Optimize campaigns

Use ABM signals and engagement data to inform nurture campaigns and future campaign strategies.

Convert target accounts faster

Equip sales to reach out to prospects with confidence and accelerate the buyer’s journey.

Report results with accuracy

Justify marketing budget by demonstrating a clear connection between ABM campaigns and closed accounts.

Increase campaign efficiency

See campaign results from all three channels in one central dashboard, and make faster, data-informed decisions.

Get account-based insights

Identify patterns, trending topics, and commonly installed technologies within accounts engaged on each channel.

Optimize media spend

Target effort and dollars towards the accounts most likely to convert, using the media they’re most likely to engage with.

The aggregate account-level reporting in the ML Platform allowed us to see how top prospects were engaging with marketing messaging across our three biggest channels. Sharing this data with sales has enabled more impactful conversations with prospective clients.

Kevin Salas

Senior Director of Demand Generation, M-Files

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Maximize conversions with an integrated, multi-channel strategy.

ABM Content Syndication

Accelerate the buying cycle by getting hyper-relevant content in front of the right person at the right time.

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ABM Display Advertising

Increase global brand awareness with intelligent, cross-device account targeting on the web, apps, social media, and more.

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Integrate Madison Logic with your CRM and Marketing Automation Platforms to enable hyper-targeted segmentation and personalization strategies.

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