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Schneider Electric Accelerates Marketing Qualified Accounts Faster with Madison Logic


Fabio Luz is the LATAM Media Team Leader and NAM Digital Media Strategist at Schneider Electric. In this role, he leads the media strategy team in Latin America and develops the paid media strategy for different Schneider business units and segments in North America.  

Prior to becoming a Madison Logic client, Luz was running ABM campaigns across content syndication, display advertising and social with multiple ABM vendors. He consistently faced limitations with his ABM efforts in terms of global capabilities, overall platform functionality, and real-time access to key performance metrics across all his paid media channels and for all of his target accounts. This made running effective ABM campaigns incredibly difficult and inefficient.  

“With ABM, it’s really important to have  real-time access to campaign performance.” 

“We needed an ABM solution that scaled globally and one that I could count on when it comes to the quality or insights for any given region. I also struggled with the lack of transparency when it comes to campaign results with other vendors,” Luz says.  

“With ABM, it’s really important to have real-time access to campaign performance. These insights are valuable for sales as well as marketing, so being able to access multi-channel campaign performance data in the ML Platform is a huge improvement over our previous ABM solutions.” 


Luz and Schneider Electric turned to Madison Logic and Journey Acceleration™ to solve their ABM challenges. He chose Madison Logic over other ABM vendors for the high level of customer support, the effective global ABM solutions, and the accurate, unified multi-channel reporting that Madison Logic provides to clients. 

“My account executive and success manager provide outstanding support. They’re really dedicated to understanding our various businesses, goals and challenges, and they consistently provide insights and strategies that drive real results and ROI for our business,” Luz says.  

“Second, Madison Logic’s technology is very reliable and provides accurate results for my campaigns. My KPIs are based on leads and how we influence revenue, so that’s why I need to have reliable ABM vendors. Madison Logic provides everything I need to achieve my goals.” 

Schneider began to take advantage of Madison Logic’s Journey Acceleration to accelerate accounts through the buyer’s journey with ABM campaigns across content syndication, display advertising and LinkedIn™.  

Madison Logic and Luz worked together to build dynamic target account lists representing the different stages of the buyer’s journey, so he could engage every decision maker at top accounts across all of his paid media channels with always-on ABM.  

Always-on ABM, with continuous, personalized messaging as accounts progress through the funnel must be at the heart of every strong Account Based Marketing strategy. Thanks to the ML Platform, Luz can also share this data with the rest of the organization more effectively than ever before. 

“It’s really helpful to see all the results from our multi-channel campaigns in one place.” 

Madison Logic encouraged a three-pronged approach by leveraging ML Intent, audience, firmographic and technographic data along with Journey Acceleration to build personalized triggers. These triggers automatically and dynamically shifted messaging in Schneider’s content syndication, display and LinkedIn campaigns based on where an account was in the funnel. This methodology leads to increased engagement, deal velocity and most importantly – ROI. 

Luz has found Madison Logic’s integration with LinkedIn to be particularly valuable, especially when it comes to the increased engagement and ROI that his multi-channel campaigns have driven. Being able to share data from content syndication, display advertising and LinkedIn in one platform has also made reporting the results of multi-channel campaigns to the business more efficient than ever. 

“It’s really helpful to see all the results from our multi-channel campaigns in one single place. When I’m in meetings with the business, I can now share the results of all our multi-channel campaigns, including LinkedIn so we can see exactly how accounts are engaging with us across the board,” Luz says. 


“Journey Acceleration has already influenced the revenue of 21% of our target accounts, and accounts that we target accelerate considerably faster to the last stage of the sales pipeline.” 

The ease at which Luz can now measure and share the results of his many campaigns across Schneider’s diverse lines of businesses across the globe is a huge benefit. But the real proof of the value of the ML Platform and Journey Acceleration is in accelerating deal velocity and influencing pipeline growth

Account opportunities that Luz targets using Madison Logic content syndication, display advertising and LinkedIn campaigns for always-on ABM accelerate faster through the buyer’s journey than opportunities not targeted in Schneider’s Madison Logic programs.

“Journey Acceleration has already influenced the revenue of 21% of our target accounts, and accounts that we target accelerate considerably faster to the last stage of the sales pipeline,” Luz says.

After these strong results, Luz plans to lean into ABM and Madison Logic even more for future campaigns. 

“We can now provide the business with key insights into what’s working, what’s not working, what content our target accounts are engaging with and downloading the most – we share all this information around the business.”  

“So my goal is not only to leverage the ABM approach more in the future, but to use the ML Platform to easily share this important data across the organization so we can customize content and become more effective with ABM in the future.”

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