Offerpop Case Study

The Situation


Offerpop tested Activate ABM™ against other account based marketing strategies. Most important to Offerpop were two criteria, finding prospects that fit the company’s ideal customer profile (ICP) while deepening the account penetration of those accounts.

Madison Logic’s account based marketing was able to identify accounts that were surging in interest on the topics most important to Offerpop and target the key influencers in those accounts with Offerpop’s content marketing assets.





Results: Ideal Customer Profile


From these surging accounts, Madison Logic was able to generate results that exceeded those of other vendors. Fully 85% of the leads that Madison Logic’s account based marketing program delivered fell into Offerpop’s ICP versus a mere 53% match from other vendors.


ICP Results Graph

AP Results Graph


Results: Account Penetration


What’s more, Madison Logic’s surging account program resulted in a 100% increase in account penetration versus the account penetration Offerpop received from other vendors.






With new technologies crowding the market, B2B marketers are finding it increasingly difficult to identify and target a well-defined ICP. As buying committees grow in size and change in composition it most B2B marketers struggle with deepening their account penetration. Madison Logic’s Activate ABM™ combined with its surging accounts data was able meet and exceed Offerpop’s expectations.


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