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Maximize the Performance of Your Multi-Channel Campaigns with a LinkedIn Integration

Melody Selby
March 14, 2023 7 MIN Blog

We’ve been talking a lot about LinkedIn lately – and for good reason. With 810 million global professional members, the B2B networking powerhouse is a core pillar in an effective account-based marketing (ABM) strategy, enabling marketers to drive higher conversions from their campaigns and gain the clarity to understand what impacts pipeline and ROI. While we’ve already discussed why LinkedIn is a marketer’s best friend, it’s just as important to show how quick and easy it is to integrate it with the ML Platform to run more successful multi-channel ABM campaigns.    

Why Integrate LinkedIn with the ML Platform?

The LinkedIn integration with the ML Platform allows you to leverage the power of ML Insights to identify the accounts most likely to convert that will form your Target Account List, and then bring that data into LinkedIn Ads using Matched Audiences to refine your targeting in LinkedIn. By using all the powerful targeting abilities of ML Insights and LinkedIn together, you can ensure that you’re maximizing your budget by targeting the accounts with the highest propensity to purchase.  

Additionally, creating and maintaining a persistent and personalized customer experience through your account-based campaigns helps you be where customers need you in the buying journey and win their trust and loyalty. By running a multi-channel ABM campaign through LinkedIn, you can stretch your investment dollars further by influencing engagement across the right set of accounts.   

A Step-by-Step Guide for Integrating LinkedIn with the ML Platform

We’ve made the integration with the LinkedIn Ads API simple and easy for clients running media with both Madison Logic AND LinkedIn. Our joint virtual event with LinkedIn dives deeper into the integration and provides a clear roadmap for implementing a multi-channel approach that takes your ABM strategy to the next level. To get started, follow our four-step process: 

Step 1: Open the ML Platform  

Step 2: Go to “Setup” at the top of the page and select “Manage Integrations” from the drop-down menu

LinkedIn Integration in the ML Platform

Step 3: Select the “Connect” button under the LinkedIn icon 

Step 4: Connect and authenticate Madison Logic and LinkedIn using your LinkedIn credentials in the ML Platform 

Connected LinkedIn to the ML Platform 

That’s it! Once you’re set up with these steps, we can show you how it works and get you fully connected on your next campaign in under 10 minutes.  

Six Things You Can Achieve When You Integrate 

Our partnership with LinkedIn helps our solutions maximize your ABM results. Here are six things you can achieve once you’ve integrated LinkedIn with the ML Platform.

1. Build, Unify, and Map Target Segments Focusing on Where You Want to Grow

ABM is about targeting specific buying committee members with content that is relevant and personalized to them. But you need data to understand who these buyers are. LinkedIn has the greatest accuracy in demographic data like industries, company sizes, job functions, and job titles so you can target the right contacts at the right accounts. Integrating LinkedIn takes your targeting one step further.  

When you integrate LinkedIn with the ML Platform, you can use your first-party data and the comprehensive and proprietary ML Insights dataset to identify and prioritize the accounts most likely to purchase from you, create an informed target account list, and push it to Matched Audiences in LinkedIn Ads. This ensures that your LinkedIn Ads budget is maximized on the accounts most likely to convert.

2. Drive Higher Engagement by Tailoring the Experience to Your Buyer’s Needs

When targeting B2B buyers, we must provide a personalized and persistent experience across the buying journey, and the only way to do that is with a multi-channel approach. You may already be using content syndication and display advertising, but adding LinkedIn Ads to complement these channels with the same sequential content and messaging elevates your multi-channel approach.  

By integrating LinkedIn Ads with the ML Platform, you can surround your buying committees with content and messaging for every stage of the buying journey on ABM Content Syndication, ABM Display Advertising, and LinkedIn. This enables you to create a better customer experience across all the channels they’re active on to accelerate the sales cycle. 

3. Reengage Your Audiences Using LinkedIn Advertising to Warm Cold Accounts

You need to build that trust and experience with each account through your content and messaging. When they get cold, you need to warm them up again with re-targeting campaigns. 

Through the ML Platform integration, you can monitor account engagement to take stock of cold accounts, and then reengage them using LinkedIn Ads. Not only will this enable you to stay top-of-mind, but LinkedIn’s accurate user profiles help guarantee that you are reaching the right contacts within those accounts.

4. Set up Agile Teams that Respond to Customer Engagement in Real Time

You need to personalize an account’s experience not only with your marketing, but with your sales engagement too. Part of this personalization is being ready to engage with buyers when they reach out, and having access to real-time data that gives you that heads-up. 

The ML Platform also integrates with other sales and marketing tools like marketing automation platforms Marketo, HubSpot, and Eloqua—and CRM solutions like Salesforce and HubSpot CRM. Integrating the ML Platform with LinkedIn enables additional connections with those systems. 

 With LinkedIn account engagement activity delivered to your CRM and marketing automation system, teams from across your organization have access to timely information that helps them prioritize the right audiences. This ensures outreach to the right accounts at the right time, lowering the risk of compromising any potential deals that are not ready to convert. 

5. Sync LinkedIn Activities with Nurture Programs for Optimized Performance

Nurturing is a staple of any B2B marketing strategy, but it is vital in ABM. No account goes through the same buying journey to reach that sales conversation, and if you’re not nurturing to keep your brand top-of-mind based on where an account is in the buying journey, you may miss out on that opportunity for your pipeline. 

Our integration connects LinkedIn account engagement metrics with the other account engagement data to use to score prospective accounts and leads and automate nurture workflows based on these scores. You can then reinforce your LinkedIn campaigns with the same nurture programs for consistent messaging that generates higher engagement and a stronger customer experience.

6. Unify Multi-Channel Measurement in One Platform

Data silos between channels and systems prevent marketers from seeing the full picture of accounts, campaigns, and their impact on the sales pipeline. Without that full visibility, marketers can’t learn and optimize their approach to maximize their ABM efforts. 

Our integration with LinkedIn enables you to review and analyze your multi-channel engagement in one spot. Within the ML Platform, after you connect your target account list with LinkedIn Ads, you can see how up to 10,000 accounts are engaging with your LinkedIn ads to spot consumption trends, pinpoint those highly engaged personas, and measure the activity of multiple touch points. This visibility ensures that social advertising spend can be optimized in the most profitable areas. 

Get Started with a LinkedIn Integration Today 

Integrating the ML Platform with LinkedIn opens a world of possibilities and advantages for your multi-channel ABM campaign. It’s a simple process within the ML Platform done in minutes that will help you maintain a persistent presence in the market and stretch your media investment dollars further. 

If you want to maximize your efforts and use all that integration has to offer, reach out to your ML team and they’ll help you set up your first multi-channel campaign using the power of the ML Platform and LinkedIn.