Engage the most influential people at the best accounts throughout every stage

SiriusDecisions research shows that 67% of the B2B buyer’s journey is now done digitally. With ActivateABMTM your account-based marketing programs continuously engage decision-makers on B2B buying committees—before and after they self-identify.

Increase deal velocity and accelerate growth

Efficiently deliver hyper-relevant messages across all devices to people actively researching your products.  Engage with prospects using a variety of formats including video, native, mobile and high-impact desktop advertising.  Syndicate your white papers, case studies, webinars and infographics across our network of B2B sites. Focus your account-based marketing efforts on the right people within your target accounts—the ones most likely to buy.

Account-based marketing digital-display advertising by Madison Logic

account-based marketing target account view

Increase account penetration 10x

Digital advertising using the largest B2B dataset ensures that your brand message is delivered to 70% more of your target accounts than with other ABM solutions.

Generate leads that convert faster

Convert more prospects into customers.  Increase conversion rates from lead to sales by up to 150%.

account-based marketing content syndication with ActivateABM

Journey optimization for account-based marketing 

Increase the return on your lead nurturing

ActivateABMTM Journey Optimization enables you to take a more strategic approach to nurturing by continuously engaging buyers with messages aligned to the current stage of their journey.

Ensure brand protection and contextual relevance

Madison Logic employs best-in-class technology to ensure your brand message is distributed within a safe and contextually relevant digital environment across all devices.

B2B ad network safety for account-based marketing

Shorten sales cycles.  Accelerate pipeline.  ActivateABMTM.

Interested in tripling your conversions to MQA?*

*According to the Cost Savings And Business Benefits Of The Madison Logic Platform, The Total Economic Impact™ Of Madison Logic commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, July 2019.