LeadFocus for Publishers is an enterprise solution for lead management, ad serving and campaign management. It empowers publishers to successfully deliver and optimize lead generation campaigns across multiple channels and provides them actionable insights through our enhanced reporting and analytics.  The platform’s features simplify your ad operations and reduce costs.


Audience data accumulated from thousands of sites and millions of profiles solves the two largest obstacles with lead generation:

  • Qualification Rate: We target users with relevant, qualified offers
  • Conversion Rate: Use data to eliminate registration form text block.

Lead Focus

“Madison Logic’s lead delivery integration with Marketo is one of the best I’ve used. It’s field mapping functionality leaves little to be desired with straight forward, common sense features that are easy to use and highly customizable. The testing functionality is dynamic with a good degree of transparency. Both of these aspects have saved me time in testing procedures and reducing the need to build data handling on the Marketo side.”


“Madison Logic’s lead delivery product turns a tedious process into a streamlined, easy undertaking. Since velocity is key in following up with leads and the lead delivery product allows for leads to be followed up with quickly, the product has been a success.”