ML Data Sources

ML Data Sources

Leverage intent data to drive ROI

With account-based marketing, it’s important to understand which accounts are the most likely to convert—before they explicitly express interest by visiting your site and registering for your content. The ML Platform measures these research signals so you can use them to prioritize account lists, guide investments in paid channels, optimize marketing programs, and drive content strategies. 


The speed and frequency at which relevant content is consumed.


The quantity of relevant content consumed.


Saturation of relevant topics within content.

Define and refine your target account list using data science

The ML Platform offers the industry’s only B2B data management platform (DMP) which synthesizes the most important data, understands the levels of engagement with your brand, and executes hyper-targeted marketing programs at scale. Using a combination of insight from your CRM and marketing automation systems, our intent monitoring, and the largest reach across all devices, the ML Platform identifies the accounts and buyers most likely to convert. 


The ML Platform can show you which accounts are currently researching solutions like yours. These accounts:

  • Are 2x more likely to convert to site visits after viewing your digital ad
  • Are 3x more likely to engage with product-specific content after seeing your ad
  • Convert into leads 30% faster 

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