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8 Bad Nurturing Habits in ABM and How to Break Them

Nurturing is a staple of ABM because your buyers are not always ready to buy from you.

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  • How to use data for every step of your nurturing program 
  • The 8 bad nurturing habits in ABM and how you can break them 
  • 6 exemplary nurture programs that you can use in your ABM strategies

Confront the ineffective and bad nurturing habits preventing B2B marketers from creating the awareness and trust necessary to accelerate the buyer’s journey in ABM.

According to LinkedIn, at any given time, only 5% of B2B accounts are in-market for a product or solution. With the other 95% either not yet in-market or simply not ready to buy, account nurturing is an effective strategy to stay top-of-mind with potential buyers and drive them through the buyer’s journey. But nurturing in ABM differs from nurturing in other marketing strategies because it must be done in a multi-channel, full-funnel approach.

When you activate strong nurture programs, you can maximize your efforts and deliver happier and more assured accounts that are ready for that sales conversation. Download the eBook today and keep your brand top-of-mind with a full-funnel and multi-channel nurturing strategy that accelerates your target accounts into your sales pipeline.