Challenges and Opportunities for B2B Marketers

This blog post is an excerpt from research conducted with DemandGen Report in January and February of 2018. To access the full report, click here

If ABM was a person, it would be a smart teenager, bursting with potential but still with room to grow.

According to research published by Dun & Bradstreet in January 2018, 58% of B2B organizations currently employ a B2B strategy and 28% plan on doing so
in the next six months. The Madison Logic and Demand Gen report research reveals the challenges that remain obstacles for B2B marketers running account-based marketing programs.

These results highlight 2 key pain points around reaching the scale and diversity of the buying audiences. The buying committees include influencers across all levels of seniority and disciplines, and marketers struggle with engaging their target companies at scale. Being relevant in their engagement to nurture and influence their targets more effectively is the holy grail of running more effective ABM programs. However, these obstacles won’t persist as account-based marketing matures into adulthood.

In the past, it was assumed that marketing was a cost center. Marketing was the team that made pretty infographics, wrote pithy copy, built eye-catching ads. But as attribution and analytics technologies have evolved, so have the expectations for the marketing team. B2B marketers are now expected to show the ROI of their efforts at every stage of the buyer journey. The C-suite is increasingly putting pressure on marketing to drive revenue.

Our research shows that most marketing teams are still regarded as a cost center. However, that seems to be changing as the same cohort is largely using revenue metrics to gauge the success of marketing programs.

This is the dichotomy that marketers struggle with every day. The pressure to drive revenue continues to grow, while organizations still look at marketing as a cost center, not a revenue center. Account-based marketing is specifically designed to flip that perspective.

Savvy marketers are realizing this. When Madison Logic talked to Jenn Steele,VP of Product Marketing at Bizible, she told us how ABM is helping marketing
bring revenue to the table:

“At Bizible, we made the shift from mostly inbound to nearly all ABM…which to me is basically outbound sales with a digital component. What’s important to me is that we can consistently determine the ROI of our tactics/strategies so that we don’t wait to shift until it’s too late.”

Doing this, however, requires a tighter alignment between marketing and sales. The B2B marketers we surveyed still have a way to go to narrow the gap.

To access the entire report, Strategies for the Consensus Sale, click here