Wolters Kluwer Accelerates Target Accounts through the Sales Cycle

The Challenge 

As a specialized provider of legal insights for small and global law firms of any size, Wolters Kluwer was having trouble activating a marketing strategy that targets its ideal customers on the channels they frequent with content that is relevant to their business goals.  

By targeting a buying committee that includes lawyers and legal counsel, Wolters Kluwer needs to be strategic in packaging its offerings through the most relevant content and messaging for this highly educated audience.  

The Solution 

Partnering with Madison Logic, Wolters Kluwer adopted an ABM strategy that turns qualified accounts into opportunities within their sales pipeline faster.

Now Kris and the Wolters Kluwer marketing team see higher account engagement, revenue influence, and acceleration of their sales cycle based on a multi-channel, full-funnel approach made possible with the ML Platform and its seamless integrations with Salesforce and Eloqua. 

The Results 

“Before we did ABM, we might have received maybe 30, 40 leads per month. After leveraging ABM with Madison Logic, we’re receiving roughly about 150 to 200 leads and currently, it’s about 15% we’re able to close deals within the first month or two.” 

With the ML Platform, Kris and his team can see each important metric like engagement rate, touch rate, and content consumption behavior of their key customers that they can use to inform their ABM strategy. They can also validate ABM campaign performance and how Madison Logic is helping Wolters Kluwer shorten the sales cycle. 

“That multi-tiered, go-to-market strategy has delivered better conversations with our sales team to a prospect and a customer.” 

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