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Ways to Market During Adverse Times: Get Focused

Madison Logic Team
March 17, 2020 3 MIN Blog

In times of adversity, focusing can be incredibly difficult. There are so many things vying for our attention, now more than ever. That means it’s crucial to focus on where your efforts need to be and keep your eye on what’s really important.

This holds true for the businesses affected by unstable times. For most the focus is on revenue. No matter the situation or crisis, every business needs to generate enough revenue to accomplish their goals. Core to generating that revenue are the sales teams providing solutions for their clients and the marketing teams supporting their efforts.

Get Focused

Right now, sales teams need to focus on the accounts that will generate the most immediate revenue. They can’t meet clients face to face at the big industry conferences or potentially even on-site one-to-one,  so it’s more crucial than ever to concentrate efforts on the high-value accounts – the ICPs that are actively searching and interested in their solutions.

Marketing can help identify those top accounts using intent data, firmographic data, and engagement signals, and should also assist sales with personalizing their outreach. It’s time to get back to ABM basics. Marketing and sales teams need to pull back the net and fish with spears to reach the key decisionmakers at the best target accounts.

This process requires something that some companies struggle with: sales and marketing alignment. Sales and marketing teams need to be lockstep in which companies they are targeting and what that messaging consists of, otherwise it can seem inconsistent and throw off a potentially promising deal.

This is incredibly important in regular times, and in times like these it’s not a want – it’s a need. Marketing and sales need to work together to find the best accounts to target, and to figure out how to connect with those specific accounts in a way that will be compelling even in a crisis.

Lean into big data to help identify those top accounts, the ones that are most worth the time and effort right now. Organizations need to work together to keep the deals flowing through this period of uncertainty, so open communication is key as well.

Metrics and KPIs will shift during a crisis, no doubt about that. But by sticking to the basics, marketing and sales can stay grounded in their efforts even in the middle of a very unstable situation.

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