Video: Madison Logic’s Tom O’Regan Shares Thoughts On ABM Maturity

By Madison Logic Team

This video originally appeared on DemandGen Report’s website.

Account-based marketing is more than just a buzzword. Marketers have begun to pick up on the value of ABM and many are allocating between 5% to 7% of their budget for ABM strategies.
Madison Logic CEO Tom O’Regan shared his thoughts on the future of ABM with Demand Gen Report at the B2B Marketing Exchange this past February.
“People are talking about ABM and I think there’s a level of maturity that we didn’t experience [at B2BMX] last year,” said O’ Regan. “I think there are more players, a little bit more confusion, but there’s wider adoption of ABM.”
The value of ABM platforms lies in the bidirectional integration of marketing and sales data, which enables marketers to create a proactive and multichannel marketing strategy. Even global technology companies are catching on to the need for a comprehensive measurement platform and ABM marketing solution.
In 2018 and beyond, we can expect to see heightened interest in marketing solutions that scale with data and allow marketers to enhance the nurture process in real time.
Watch the video to hear more of O’Regan’s insights into ABM:

Madison Logic Team

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