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Video: Adventures in B2B Marketing – Always On

By Madison Logic Team

In this episode of Adventures in B2B Marketing, Madison Logic’s intrepid Senior Vice President of Product Management, Sonjoy Ganguly, digs deep into how always on account based marketing programs can benefit your content syndication and targeted advertising. You don’t turn off your marketing automation, why would you want to turn off your account based marketing?

Transcript: Welcome back to Episode 4 of Adventures in B2B Marketing.
Today we’re talking about the importance of always on programs in driving your content syndication and targeted advertising channels.
As a B2B Marketer, here’s what you need to know:
According to Sirius Decisions 70% of B2B research is completed before a prospect even reaches out to a supplier. And they’re not just doing research at their desks during business hours.
According to Google, 68% of people check their smart phone within 15 minutes of waking up in the morning. A recent survey revealed that 61%of us have used our mobile phone in the bathroom. OK, lets be honest that numbers soft. We all know the number is a lot higher, we all do it.
Our screens are everywhere. And so is the b2b buyer.
More importantly – Information is ubiquitous, it’s available everywhere and all the time. With the growth of millennials that have B2B buying influence, their information consumption patterns have changed. The speed of the market has also changed.
Users moving through buying process at unprecedented rate. Madison Logic’s research indicates that 40% of companies showing interest in a marketer’s products or services changes every few weeks. As such, the need to keep your message in front of your prospects is more critical than ever before.
This is where intent data comes in. It’s about the Accounts, the Audiences and Message and Timing. By using intent data, marketers are able to determine the following:

  • ACCOUNTS – Identify the accounts that are showing the most interest in your products;
  • AUDIENCES – Who the decision-makers and influencers are within an account, so that you can be more efficient at reaching the right audiences;
  • MESSAGE – Identify the topics that are most relevant to your target accounts, get a message in front of audience that’s relevant to THEM (not you) deliver the highest ROI on your marketing spend
  • TIMING – when the message is relevant, get in front of audience, when it’s relevant to them

B2B buyers do not always behave in ways that are predictable or neat.
It’s critical to keep your message in front of target prospects throughout the buyer journey
And it’s even more critical to continuously nurture your accounts, even post sales. Cross-selling and up-selling is all about relevance.
The probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20%. The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%.
Keep your pipeline filled, your marketing systems don’t shut down, your sales team doesn’t go home, why should your marketing programs. You need the scale of always on programs to keep feeding your pipeline.
All this may have you asking, always on, won’t that cost a fortune?
Not necessarily.
Smart use of data keeps marketing costs down and makes spending more efficient. Consumer advertising uses data to target audiences by industry, geo, and other segments. But, in B2B advertising, intent data provides a much more powerful signal and targeting strategy. Beyond standard demographics, intent targeting ensures that advertising messages will only reach in-market buyers.
The main challenge here is that always-on campaigns require a different funding model than the traditional campaign-based budgets used by most media buyers today. Campaign driven budgeting models wont’ work. The key to keeping these campaigns within budget is using the most effective targeting strategy.
If the right message can be delivered to your key business decision-makers, not just before they are ready to engage but throughout the buying process, your message can stay always-on, across screens, without breaking the bank.

Madison Logic Team

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