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Work smarter, not harder in 2023. Download the 2023 Full-Funnel ABM Playbook.

3 Ways to Incorporate Urgent Email Subject Lines in B2B Marketing

By Madison Logic Team

Urgency encourages action, a great thing for email marketing. A tried and true email marketing tactic in B2C, urgent language can (and should!) be effectively used in B2B email marketing subject lines to improve response metrics. How can you do this? Start with the following 3 tips.
1. Use key phrases such as, “hurry”, “now”, and “can’t miss”.

  • Hurry! Summer savings end today. (Banana Republic)
  • Get thee to outdoor dining, stat‏ (TT NYC)


  • 13 Reasons INBOUND 2013 Is Boston’s Can’t-Miss Event‏ (Hubspot)

2. Focus on timing. You can utilize this by including a countdown.

  • 48 Hours Only: 25% off your online purchase! (
  • Hurry! Summer savings end today. (Banana Republic)


  • One Week till Marketing Writing Bootcamp‏ (Marketing Prof’s)

3. Be authoritative. This also helps create urgency in subject lines. People respond well to simple and clear direction.

  • Work it! But don’t forget Father’s Day! (The Container Store)
  • 20% Off Your First Order – Give Us A Try! (


  • Your Monday Report Has Arrived. Read More Now (Madison Logic)

Beware of the fine line between urgent and SPAM-MY. Avoid key phrases such as: “Free”, “Open”, “Ready”.  SPAM trigger words can change daily and without warning. A great resource for checking the latest in trending email keywords, including daily SPAM trigger keywords, is the Yahoo visualizer, available here. Not only do email keywords change daily, but can include words that would you would not typically identify as a SPAM trigger, such as the word “children”, that once triggered SPAM folders.
B2C offers many ways to lift metrics that can be easily adapted to B2B marketing. Did these tips help lift your email metrics? As always, test and see what works best for your email program.
Happy E-mailing,

Madison Logic Team

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