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UPDATE – Madison Logic Named to Gramercy Institute’s Annual List of the 20 Most Valuable Partners in Financial Marketing

By Madison Logic Team

NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwired – Mar 16, 2015) – Madison Logic, the leading provider of data-driven, full-funnel B2B marketing solutions powered by intent, today announced it has earned a position on Gramercy Institute’s 2015 roster of “The Most Valuable Partners in Financial Marketing.”

Based in New York, Gramercy Institute is a leading think-tank for senior marketers from major financial firms around the world. The annual 20 Most Valuable Partners in Financial Marketing list is designed to bring attention to those industry partner firms that are doing things right — in hopes that they might inspire others firms. Madison Logic was named to the list alongside such industry leaders as Financial Times, Havas Worldwide, Reuters and Salesforce.

“We are proud that financial services marketers are greatly benefiting from our full funnel marketing solutions and we are honored to be on this prestigious list,” said Tom O’Regan, Madison Logic CEO. “At Madison Logic, our philosophy has always been to serve as true partners to our customers, providing them with all the support they need to get the most from our industry-leading media solutions powered by intent data. Our ability to engage decision makers through innovative media solutions will continue to help brands generate awareness and demand on the Madison Logic platform.”

“Today, the need for financial marketers to engage with true strategic partners has never been more pronounced,” said Bill Wreaks, CEO and chief analyst of the Gramercy Institute. “Marketing is far more complex for financial firms than ever before; these days they’re not looking for vendors, they’re looking for partners. I was delighted to see how well Madison Logic scored in this competition. This award is designed to recognize those who understand the real meaning of ‘partnership,’ as Madison Logic has proven it does through continued great work. Kudos for this exciting achievement.”

The “20 Most Valuable Partners in Financial Marketing” roster was determined by an extensive assessment process. All candidates were nominated by a financial brand client, who provided an assessment of each nominee’s value to the financial firm’s marketing success, its innovation, its customer support levels and its ability to delivery on expectations. Entries were evaluated and graded by an independent panel of six judges.

Madison Logic has recently conducted a survey through The Gramercy Institute to their membership and will be presenting the results Thursday, March 19, 2015 at Gramercy Forum: Boston. Survey results and analysis will be presented by Vin Turk, Madison Logic Co-founder & SVP Audience Development. For more information about this event please visit: – !calendar/ck5l

The Gramercy Institute will honor the work and commitment of its “20 Most Valuable Partners in Financial Marketing” at its Gramercy Financial Marketers’ Forum NYC Thursday, March 26th at Thomson Reuters 30th floor Auditorium.

For more information about the award and ceremony, please visit!20-mvps-2015/c91c.

About Madison Logic: Madison Logic is the premier provider of full-funnel media, marketing and enterprise solutions for the world’s leading B2B brands, agencies and publishing partners. With solutions driven by Madison Logic intent data, business prospects receive messages relevant to every stage of the buyer’s journey. Our platforms empower premium publishers to more efficiently monetize their business and marketers to most effectively reach and engage their target customers. Today, global B2B marketers and premium B2B publisher partners rely on Madison Logic to help them drive audience growth and greater revenue by maximizing reach, efficiency, engagement and insights delivered by their campaigns.

Madison Logic Team

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