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Trends in Healthcare Marketing: Reporting From The 2012 HIMSS Conference in Las Vegas

By Nick Price

Our resident Healthcare Category Manager, Lauren Conroy, has just come back from the HIMSS12 Annual Conference in Las Vegas. We had a chance to catch up and get her take on the show and why it matters for healthcare marketers.
ML: What did you think about the show?
LC: The show was great. There were close to 1,500 exhibitors, 300+ education sessions on the latest advances in healthcare technology, including mobile health, business and clinical analytics, connecting with consumers, care coordination, accountability for care and meaningful use. I would say that the only negative comment I found was that the show was quite overwhelming.
ML: Why was it important for you to attend?
LC: HIMSS It is the most comprehensive and authoritative knowledge event in Healthcare IT today. The healthcare industry is undergoing a massive transformation and healthcare IT has taken a leading role in streamlining the delivery of new models of care. HiMSS provides a platform for industry leaders to convene and demonstrate solutions that can truly impact efficiencies in healthcare. It is important for Healthcare marketers who are faced with more and more challenges to be cost effective and efficient to know that there are other ways to generate leads outside of events marketing, google adwords and email marketing.
“Meaningful Use” was definitely a main topic for all exhibitors and attendees. For all Healthcare advertisers and marketers, it has been crucial to understand the needs of all the healthcare institutions and requirements deemed by the government. It has been a hectic time for all healthcare institutions meeting the qualifications listed in “Meaningful Use” rules. Smart healthcare advertisers and marketers can help by publishing beneficial digital assets to these institutions to make this transition as easy and worthwhile as possible.
ML: What specific strategy were you discussing with these marketers?
LC: Healthcare marketers are definitely understanding, and welcoming programs that are most cost effective on their marketing dollars. Building up branding and awareness is always important to any marketer. When we are able to tie that into qualified leads for their sales team, the entire business reaps the benefits and the marketer is the hero. The Direct Leads program drives cost effective healthcare lead generation through marketing efforts and brand exposure on premium healthcare publications.
ML:Any final words?
LC: I can’t wait for HIMSS13!

Nick Price

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