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Work smarter, not harder in 2023. Download the 2023 Full-Funnel ABM Playbook.

Native Intent

By Nick Price

Urging “quality over quantity,” in a recent article, “Buy Data with Intent,” Louise Robinson comments that it’s not only necessary to reach the right person (decision maker with purchasing power) with up-to-date contact information within an organization, but that timing is essential.
To avoid complete rejection (as in, loss of customers, definitive “NOs”), marketers have to know where their prospects are in the buying cycle and communicate to that need. With “behavioral intent data collecting,”* marketers review past and current buying behavior and modify their message accordingly. This is our stock and trade, we are pleased to see it getting more exposure, especially since B2B marketers are still ramping up to B2C levels of intent usage.
And since we’re discussing growing B2B trends, here’s another one for 2015: “Big Data Is Finally Going Native.” MediaPost predicts that Big Data’s ability to improve targeting, efficiency and relevancy makes it a prime area for native advertising, a form of paid advertising where the experience matches the form and function on which it appears. We’re talking about games, apps and content that seemed more consumer-interest than pure product pushing.
Native advertising faced some challenges—they are non-standard and have small data sets, which the article attributes to “initially built around individual ad units served into closed networks of third-party publishers.” However, technology improves so big data can now go native due to:

  • Opening of large user data sets to third parties
  • Open native exchanges—using programmatic, supply sources matched to demand
  • Enabling of third-party data

Why is this valuable? Advertisers can make “native even more relevant than before, thereby raising response and engagement metrics to unprecedented levels” with such benefits as:

  • improved targeting
  • advanced optimization
  • granular contextualization
  • actionable campaign insights
  • fraud prevention tools

Publishers also benefit from more relevant content. Consumers receive a better user experience too.
What better way to go native than Intent and Big Data? In 2015, the consumer experience will continue to improve based on the data and ability to apply it appropriately.
*We use quotes because it’s her exact phrase, but it’s an expression we embrace too.

Nick Price

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