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Madison Logic Introduces Two Products for Advanced Lead Nurturing – Data Match® Behavioral Analytics and Data Match® Lead Retargeting

By Madison Logic Team

Tools aimed at Understanding behaviors and surrounding prospects and influencers with messages during the evaluation and buying stages.

New York, October 3, 2012 – Madison Logic, the top provider of data powered lead solutions for enterprises and media companies, today introduces two new products for marketers and sales people for analyzing buyer intent behavior, pushing the data into marketing automation systems and CRM systems and then targeting prospects with multi-touch marketing tools. Madison Logic’s new Data Match® Behavioral Analytics and Data Match® Lead Retargeting products provide an unmatched form of lead nurturing that allows businesses to target buyers and influencers along the buying process.

“In the last month and at Dreamforce, we previewed Data Match® Behavioral Analytics and Retargeting to our existing customers and they were excited to start building campaigns with the products,” said Erik Matlick, CEO of Madison Logic. “The marketing software industry is expanding and companies are looking for smarter, more aggressive tools to bolster their demand generation initiatives. These two new products from Madison Logic are unmatched in the industry.”

Over 400 publishers use Madison Logic’s platform today to target prospects in the technology, energy, marketing, healthcare, manufacturing, government, business & finance, human resources, retail, e-commerce and construction verticals.

“Madison Logic’s new offerings add two key tools to the B2B marketing toolbox. First, this finally gives marketers a view into the full spectrum of content their prospects are interacting with. Second, it extends the idea of behavioral targeting, a staple in B2C marketing, to data that B2B marketers really care about,” said Eric Whitlake, Sr. Director of Media at Babcock & Jenkins, a B2B marketing agency. “These are big, and much needed, changes in the B2B marketing landscape.”

Data Match® Behavioral Analytics powers marketing automation systems with behavioral analytics that show a buyer’s activity and intent. It’s designed to enable sales and marketing teams to:

  • Feed marketing automation platforms real-time actionable behavioral intent data;
  • Discover plan-to-purchase trends at the customer and account level;
  • Use behavioral intent data to serve the right content at the right time to prospects;
  • Drive more informed follow-up actions from sales teams;
  • Pinpoint influencers and decision makers during buying cycles.


Data Match Lead® Retargeting surrounds your prospect and influencers with your message during the evaluation and buying stages. This allows marketing professionals to:

  • Retarget your offline database with display ads;
  • Use behavioral intent data to power the creative served to each user;
  • Shorten B2B sales lifecycles;
  • Beat competitors with an advanced lead retargeting strategy.

Data Match® Behavioral Analytics and Data Match® Lead Retargeting are available today from Madison Logic.

Madison Logic Team

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