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Madison Logic Named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: B2B Intent Data Providers, Q2 2023!

Madison Logic Acquisition Expands Its Account Based Marketing

Madison Logic Team
May 18, 2016 3 MIN Blog

This article was originally written by Dom Nicastro for CMSWire

New York City B2B marketing provider Madison Logic has acquired a B2B lead-generation company that will allow it to expand its account based marketing program (ABM) beyond the US and into Europe and Asia.
Madison Logic officials told CMSWire it has acquired Internal Results, a Dublin-based provider that helps Madison Logic execute media and marketing campaigns on a global scale.
“This data set complements and adds to our rich data set that we already have in the US,” said Tom O’Regan, CEO of the now 155-employee Madison Logic. They had 100 employees prior to the acquisition.
“This is all around verification,” O’Regan added. “For a long time there were so many marketers going after a large pool of individuals and companies and not really seeing the verification of that. Organizations have always been set up and based on accounts. Sales teams align with the top accounts. Only now you have marketers, CMOs and CFOs aligned to be more efficient, to look at marketing spend and to track return on investment.”

B2B Sales Solutions

Internal Results’ bread-and-butter is performance-based B2B sales solutions for the technology marketplace “through their proprietary prospecting methodologies, ensuring achievement of quarterly goals and ROI on lead generation investments,” according to Madison Logic officials.
Internal Results’ database will combine with Madison Logic’s B2B data.
“Sales team are driving more conversations,” O’Regan said. They believe that targeting accounts and influencers inside organizations allows companies to target “real sales” opportunities.
“There’s more of a focus on ROI and transparency as it relates to marketing budgets,” O’Regan said.

Old Friends

Madison Logic and Internal Results have worked together for five years before this week’s acquisition.
O’Regan called them an “integral, close partner” whose software Madison Logic incorporated into its stack. Acquiring Internal Results was all about extending reach beyond Madison Logic’s “rich data set” in the US.
“Outside of the US, ABM has kind of lagged a little bit,” he said. “Why don’t we tuck in Internal Results through an acquisition and deliver the same solutions while globally leveraging their data?”
Madison Logic will be able to show clients a “much larger footprint” and expand the list of companies they can target outside the US for “more attractive proposals,” O’Regan said.

Activate ABM

Madison Logic released last May its new Activate Account-Based Marketing suite, which company officials said would give marketers the ability to identify which companies and decision makers “have explicitly or implicitly indicated intent toward their offerings.”
O’Regan said the product helps companies determine the return on their total marketing investments “from brand to demand.”
“Activate ABM is a comprehensive account-based marketing tool that’s able to generate interest as well as leads,” O’Regan told CMSWire. “It offers reporting and analytics on a platform basis to these firms. Companies can see how their assets engage with different decision makers, which assets resonate most among different companies, and which verticals to optimize for effectiveness.”
Internal Results will operate as a stand-alone business within Madison Logic.
“Madison Logic’s technology platform and proprietary B2B data will help us add to our product set and ultimately enhance our effectiveness in placing campaigns for our customers,” Chris Whife, co-founder of Internal Results, said.
The acquisition follows growth in 2015 for Madison Logic, which posted a more than 72 percent revenue increase in 2015.