How Are the NSA and Others Collecting and Using our Data? | Scientific American

By Nick Price

NSA DataMadison Logic CTO Mark Herschberg was recently interviewed by Scientific American to weigh in on the current state of online privacy in light of the recent news surrounding former NSA employee Edward Snowden.

How Are the NSA and Others Collecting and Using our Data?
A metadata expert reveals the sobering implications of personal data collection by governments and companies
By Bryan Bumgardner
Earlier this month, former NSA employee Edward Snowden revealed the agency is collecting data on millions on Americans, from phone call durations to Facebook posts, all through a program codenamed PRISM. The resulting media backlash has revived the debates about internet privacy and government surveillance techniques, but questions remain: how is the National Security Agency taking in the data, and how much of a threat to our civil liberties does such data-collection efforts pose?
To find out, Scientific American spoke with metadata expert Mark Herschberg, CTO at Madison Logic and instructor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Herschberg has worked with the programs used to gather big data and was able to elucidate how our internet data has become an important—if not invasive—commodity.

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Nick Price

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