Data scientist: The hottest new job in IT |

By Nick Price

Mark Herschberg, on what it takes to be a successful Data Scientist:Mark Herschberg, on what it takes to be a successful Data Scientist:

Mark Herschberg, chief technology officer of Madison Logic, notes that the job of the data scientist is math-intensive. “A data scientist needs a combination of advanced math skills and basic programming skills,” he explains. “To the former, the people usually have an advanced degree in math or science, and have worked with large data sets and are comfortable with statistical analysis and various types of quantitative modeling. The programming and database skills are so that the data scientist can access the data.”
Herschberg goes on to explain that the programming knowledge data scientists need is different from the kind used to build web applications. He likens it to hooking up large pipes of data and then creating models from them.


Nick Price

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