The Implications of Marketo’s Recent IPO

By Nick Price

Marketo’s IPO is a strong indicator that the field of marketing automation is increasing in both use and value – B2B software companies are more relevant than ever. Marketing automation is an essential element to lead management as it provides better leads, a more robust pipeline and better customer insights/data.

The massive adoption at the enterprise level will greatly impact the industry, and

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as software of this nature continues to be more widely adopted you will see the marketing automation technology expand into more parts of the sales funnel and hit customers at more touch points throughout the life-cycle.Additionally, the massive adoption of marketing automation serves as the foundation for holistic lead nurturing, so it will drive using data to nurture customers in various channels like display, rather than just email.

This IPO signifies the recognition that we are getting much better at mining the available data and delivering the right message at the right time, which is what marketing automation is all about.

You can read the original post at Adotas.

Nick Price

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