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Work smarter, not harder in 2023. Download the 2023 Full-Funnel ABM Playbook.

4 Keys to Stellar Marketing Content

By Madison Logic Team

4 Keys to Stellar Content MarketingIt’s no small secret that content marketing has experienced a recent rise in popularity. reports that 70 percent of marketers plan to increase their content marketing budgets, and that 90 percent of those that responded believed that content marketing would increase in importance over the next year. is a place many of us are drawn to click on articles that grab our immediate attention. Suddenly, we need to know more, right now… click.

Avoid the X-Out

Content should be incredibly informative; but can also be x-out worthy (closing out of a document before you read it, but after you skim its contents). What are the basics of a successful content marketing piece?
The Initial Attraction: The content header is where the initial conversation begins. Keep it catchy, short and sweet. Be memorable. Questions also help to draw the prospect in. The success of your header is directly correlated to the success of the article. Simply put, the header can make, or break, the success of your content marketing piece. It’s really that simple!
The Email Subject Line: While it’s best to leave some intrigue (and keep the subject line short to encourage open rate), hinting to the contents inside lifts click-through rate. This is because the reader is now aware of the intention of the email, its contents, and has exhibited interest by opening (and conversely shown disinterest by not opening, rather than abandoning the email). Example:  ‘6 Tips for GREAT Health’

Looks Matter

Appearance: Looks aren’t everything, but images have the ability to dramatically improve interaction and response metrics. Facebook’s recent newsfeed facelift speaks to the importance of visual content integration. See more on this here.

Relevant Content 

With most content marketing, the reader is typically looking for easily digestible, useful information from which they can attain immediate value. If this content can be tied into hot topics, such as trending current events, even better! (Even better = higher response).
Less is not necessarily more, but more is not more either. Condense content down, so that only true value remains. It’s irrelevant whether this comes out to one page or 10. What is most important is that you have the highest amount of informational value in a succinct amount of words (or images). It’s always readily apparent when content is of high value, or what is commonly referred to as ‘filler’. Content is a reflection of your stellar brand, reflect as such and keep readers engaged.

The List Craze 

Tip: People appreciate, and more importantly respond to, a list format. I like to call it, The List Craze. Lists give readers the ability to easily digest information, which everyone appreciates and responds well to in today’s time stressed world.
Numbers: Along with lists, numbers are content marketing gold. Leading headers (and subject lines) with a number helps it stand out in a cluttered inbox and improves both open and click rates.
Email Content: The purpose of email is to encourage click through to site or the landing page. Lists within your email are great because it gives readers an upfront idea of the content ahead, but yet leaves enough left to be discovered.
Audience Segments 101: If you have data that supports an audience with a taste for more in depth or content, by all means be specific, segment, supply accordingly and watch your metrics.

Next Steps 

Take these simple concepts, apply them to your content marketing program and keep an eye on your metrics. Let us know what you find; we would love to hear of your content marketing experiences!
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Madison Logic Team

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