Make Data Actionable with The ML Data Cloud 


Get more granular with your target accounts. The ML Data Cloud exposes the who, what, where, and when of a particular buyer’s journey. You can use data from your marketing automation and CRM combined with firmographic, technographic, audience and intent data to find your perfect targets. With 18-month historic intent data, ML can also find new accounts that are currently engaging in the content your best accounts engaged with before buying.

Journey Acceleration™

Automatically move accounts into the proper media and content programs by pushing first-party data from your marketing automation and CRM platforms into the ML Data Cloud.


With enhanced dashboard insights, marketers can granularly see how their ABM campaigns perform. Track a campaign’s progress, see who engages with what content, and discover which programs have the most impact on sales revenue.

Time Savings

Spend more time on your high-value accounts and less time manually aggregating data from multiple sources. Save hours each week by automatically shifting accounts to proper programs based on CRM, MAP, and intent data.

By gaining access to unprecedented insights and account identification, the ML Data Cloud keeps B2B marketing teams at the forefront of ABM technology so they can close their best accounts faster.


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