Find the people and the accounts that matter most

Identifying the best prospects for your solutions ensures that your marketing efforts provide the best ROI.  Engage with the right buyers.  Convert more prospects to customers.

Define and refine your target account list using data science

ActivateABMTM offers the industry’s only B2B data management platform (DMP) which synthesizes the most important data, understands the levels of engagement with your brand, and executes hyper-targeted marketing programs at scale. Using a combination of insight from your CRM and marketing automation systems, our intent monitoring, and the largest reach across all devices, ActivateABMTM identifies the accounts and buyers most likely to convert.

B2B buying committee for account-based marketing

Identify and reach the entire B2B buying committee

According to CEB, the average number of people involved in B2B solutions purchases is now 6.8, up 26% from just two years ago. ActivateABMTM helps you reach more individual influencers within your target accounts.  We engage directly with the people on the buying committee actively researching your solutions.

Exceed sales targets by reaching buyers at scale

Only a global platform with the capabilities to engage your target accounts across all digital channels can provide the results that sales and marketing needs.  ActivateABMTM is the industry’s most comprehensive platform with the largest and most actionable data-set available to reach your target accounts across the world.

It’s easy to get started marketing to your most attractive accounts, no matter how you’re defining your targets.

Named Accounts

You provide your target account list, and we generate buyer audiences and insights based on individuals’ media engagement within these accounts.

Prioritized accounts

You provide your target account list, and we help you pinpoint accounts that are actively researching solutions like yours.

Learn about intent monitoring from Madison Logic

Accounts showing intent

Leverage our intent monitoring data to supplement your account list with similar companies that are actively researching.

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