One Question With…Tom O’Regan: What Happened to LinkedIn Lead Accelerator

On Friday, LinkedIn announced that it will be closing down its Lead Accelerator tool, which resulted from the $175 million Bizo acquisition of last year. This investment was big news for B2B marketers because it indicates how difficult building successful demand generation technology can be. In the below video, Madison Logic CEO, Tom O’Regan, discusses the situation.

Tom O’Regan: 

Lead Accelerator, in my opinion, failed to deliver. They failed to deliver the leads that turn into conversion and sales for B2B marketers. It’s implied in the subject of the product that that’s what it does, but that’s the one thing it didn’t do.

What it did do, is passive message to those individuals based on their content consumption. So they were getting sponsored posts, display ads, messaging, within apps and mobile environments. That was great, great for engagement, great for nurturing, but there was no hook. No hook to get more information. No hook to get contacted by sales. And no ability for a B2B marketer to translate that potential lead into a sale.

I believe it was better to take the fifty-million-dollar bite in the write-off of the Bizo acquisition rather than continue to put more time, money, and resources into a product that failed to deliver on the most basic premise of B2B marketing.

Here’s our take in a nutshell:

To bring the Lead Accelerator to where it need to be, LinkedIn would have had to dedicate resources that outweighed its returns. The company decided that is was more cost efficient to eliminate Lead Accelerator rather than throw more money at that product.

Meanwhile, at Madison Logic producing leads at scale is one of our core competencies.  With a network of over 1,600 premium publishers, Madison Logic can provide the most comprehensive b2b marketing solutions from branding to demand generation to account-based marketing.  Our company was built on a solid foundation of lead generation, and we continue to invest in the growth of our product suite to meet the needs of our clients.

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