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  • “IBM Analytics has experienced tremendous success with the content development program executed by Madison Logic. We wanted a vendor who listens to and understand our needs. We found them. If your organization is looking to generate sought after thought leadership content, I would highly recommend Madison Logic Content Marketing Services.”
    Stacy NawrockiStacy NawrockiMarketing Leader, Media & Entertainment Industry, IBM Analytics
  • "We worked together, and they help us through the process. They provided all the information we needed, were very patient, and in the end, we were able to launch the program and see really good results verses our other efforts with demand generation. Intent worked for us."
    Ana VillegasAna VillegasMarketing Director North America Commercial Business, Dell
  • "Over the years with inbound marketing, outbound marketing, account-based marketing, there's been a lot of different things I've needed to do. And I've had a partner in Madison Logic. They've been able to deliver me the right leads through the different programs and tactics to support all of the strategies that I need."
    Jeff SorianoJeff SorianoSenior Director of Demand Generation, Offerpop
  • “Madison Logic’s lead delivery product turns a tedious process into a streamlined, easy undertaking. Since velocity is key in following up with leads and the lead delivery product allows for leads to be followed up with quickly, the product has been a success.”
  • “Madison Logic’s lead delivery integration with Marketo is one of the best I’ve used. It’s field mapping functionality leaves little to be desired with straight forward, common sense features that are easy to use and highly customizable. The testing functionality is dynamic with a good degree of transparency. Both of these aspects have saved me time in testing procedures and reducing the need to build data handling on the Marketo side.”
    Jason HendersonJason HendersonMarketing Manager for Demand Generation, Tenable