Ivan Inerfeld | Investor

Presently Mr. Inerfeld manages a modest personal portfolio of venture investments ranging from technology to banking to real estate.

In addition to participating in the organization of Internet Capital Group (“ICG”) and seeking investors, Mr. Inerfeld was responsible for establishing the strategy in the area of business to business, and content and all it facilitates (i.e. advertising, e-commerce and transactions). He is the Creator of one of the ICG portfolio companies, VerticalNet, Inc., and was its Chairman and CEO. ICG was founded in March, 1996 to invest exclusively in Internet related companies and bring a new vision of partnership and collaboration to the marriage of capital and innovation. The firm’s investment philosophy is long-term and its investment model stresses integration and cross-fertilization among Internet software, content and service organizations in its portfolio.

Prior to joining Internet Capital Group, Mr. Inerfeld served as an advisor to numerous national and international companies in the media industry for over twenty-five years. Mr. Inerfeld served as a National Director of Media and a Director of Mergers and Acquisitions for two of the “big six” public accounting firms. Mr. Inerfeld was also an Executive Vice President of International Thomson Business Press, Inc., assisting foreign management with their U.S. acquisition strategy, and directing the assimilation and operation of seventeen subsidiaries having fifty-five trade/consumer magazines and twenty newsletters. Mr. Inerfeld served as President and Chief Operating Officer of Regal Communications Corporation where he managed the strategic restructuring of this publicly held, financially troubled, $200-millon direct-response electronic-marketing company. As President of Tiger Direct, Inc., a publicly held $100 million catalog publisher of computer and software products, Mr. Inerfeld organized its operations and successfully positioned the Company as an acquisition candidate.

Mr. Inerfeld knows the Media Industry. He has written numerous articles and chapters in key industry publications and reference books. Additionally, he has given many speeches and presentations at Stanford University, industry seminars and industry trade groups.

Mr. Inerfeld is a CPA and holds a degree in Business Administration from Pace University, and has completed advanced management courses at both Harvard University and The Wharton School.

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