Ajay Sathyanath

Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer of Madison Logic, Ajay leads all of Technology, Data and IT. Having played key roles in senior management, Ajay brings in more than 20 years of experience in technology and wealth of expertise across the technology landscape including Cloud computing, Datascience and Analytics, Software development, Infrastructure and Engineering.

Prior to Madison Logic, Ajay worked for companies like Bankrate, Cablevision and Vonage, markedly changing their Data landscape in Engineering, Analytics and Science. Having worked in Bell Labs and Unix Systems Labs, Ajay has more than 20 patents and key publications. Ajay has also been an entrepreneur having run a company in the area of digital sharing and advertising.

Ajay graduated from the Indian Institute of Science, one of the world’s premier research institutes. Bringing efficiency in technology, process, and products and using that to markedly impact the top and bottom line of a business are Ajay’s passions.