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PGi Realized 350% ROI on Madison Logic ABM Program Spend

“The linear lead-to-conversion rate process was a problem because sales reps would open separate opportunities related to other individuals. It’s about a buying committee versus one person.”

Kelly Cooper, Director of Demand Gen, PGi

About PGi

PGi is the world’s largest dedicated provider of collaboration software and services. As such, one of their core beliefs is the “Collaborative Advantage” — better collaboration leads to better results. When it came to PGi’s martech, collaboration between Madison Logic and Bizible was also the key to better results.


With the goal of increasing marketings impact, PGis marketing team adopted an accountbased marketing strategy and leveraged Madison Logics ABM platform to execute their ads. However, when it came to measuring the performance of these ads, their legacy attribution consistently missed interactions from their Madison Logic programs. They tried to measure the impact of accountbased marketing with leadbased attribution and it didnt work.

The linear leadtoconversion rate process was a problem because sales reps would open separate opportunities related to other individuals. Its about a buying committee versus one person,explains Kelly Cooper, Director of Demand Gen. Without rigorous sales processes and significant manual reconciliation on the marketing side, their measurement had no hope of being accurate.

The marketing team, leveraging the robust engagement metrics inherent within Madison Logic’s Activate ABM program had believed their Madison Logic campaigns were effective, but they simply couldn’t draw the proper lines to opportunity creation and, more importantly, revenue. Without visibility into the impact of these ABM programs, Kelly says that the team was left questioning what was wrong. “We were floundering. We were wondering, ‘is the content not right?’ We couldn’t prove the
ROI. Nobody wants to spend money on programs that aren’t influencing revenue.”


With Bizible’s every-touch, account-based attribution, PGis’ marketing team finally had visibility into the entire customer journey, including Madison Logic’s impact. “All of a sudden we could see all of the opportunities we were influencing through Madison Logic campaigns,” says Kelly. Bizible enabled PGi to connect all relevant contacts and associated touchpoints to their appropriate account and opportunity. So when an opportunity closed and became a customer, PGi could accurately track revenue back to all the marketing efforts that made an impact along the journey, including those from Madison Logic programs.


With Bizible attribution data, PGi discovered that their Madison Logic campaigns generated 16x the opportunity value that their old reporting showed. More importantly, these campaigns also generated a significant amount of closed-won revenue generated, while their old reporting showed zero. For PGi to understand the value of Madison Logic, visibility was everything. Bizible proved that, rather than wasting money on programs that weren’t producing, PGi was actually realizing an ROI greater than 350%
on their Madison Logic spend. This discovery transformed their view of their Madison Logic relationship from at risk to strategically important, helping to ensure PGi continued working with Madison Logic but preventing them from shutting off a source of lead data that was directly responsible for a significant portion of their pipeline.

Had PGi continued with their legacy attribution and decided to stop spending on Madison Logic, they would have missed out on a huge growth channel. But with the collaboration between Bizible and Madison Logic, PGi’s marketing team could discover what was really going on in the buyer journey, impact transformation with sophisticated ABM, and grow the business.

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