Why The Cost of Cloud Computing is About to Rise

By Nick Price


After years of competitive price cutting, it looks like Microsoft, at least, is hiking prices on its cloud computing infrastructure. IBM is also making changes. Will Amazon follow suit?

Companies spoiled by round after round of price cuts on cloud computing services over the past year or so had better gird themselves for change.

It turns out nothing falls forever. Microsoft MSFT -0.14% is raising prices on its Azure cloud. Last week blogger Aiden Finn, a Dublin-based Microsoft-focused consultant, posted excerpts from a company email alerting customers that Azure prices in the Eurozone will rise 13% as of August 1. The message cited currency concerns, which is understandable given the current situation in Greece. (Although Finn went on to write he thinks Microsoft’s move may be more about boosting revenue than any currency issue.)

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Nick Price

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