Why Every Tech Trend Hinges on Big Data and Analytics

By Nick Price


We never seem to tire of tech talk. We love debating and discussing the cloud, the Internet of Things, wearables, mobility, and every other new technology that hits the market. And why not? These gadgets and trends are changing the way we connect, communicate, market products, and engage with our employees and customers.

But as we talk incessantly about new technologies, we may overlook the fact that it isn’t really technology that’s driving this revolution, but the data and the insights these technologies create. With this data we are able to better understand what interests people and motivates them to engage with a brand and buy their products, and we can also use this data to innovate products that are a perfect fit for our target audience. Let’s discuss how data and analytics underlie the true value of the technology we are so obsessed with.

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Nick Price

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