Why 2015 Will Be The Year Of Big Data For B2B Marketers

By Madison Logic Team



Nov 20, 2014 Erik Matlick

These days, to say that any kind of marketing discipline is “all about the data,” might be met with a resounding “duh!,” but in reality, we’re still getting our arms around what we can actually do with all the data that exists about our customers. Digital marketers in both the B2B and B2C spaces have been scrambling for years to get access to more and more data about their customers and prospects, yet many are ill-equipped to make use of that data to the extent of its capabilities.

The term “Big Data” has been in casual use for years now, and most assume that it simply means customer data. They’re technically right, but the difference is that Big Data is actionable data from multiple data signals (articles, search, downloads, video, social) and data types (online and offline) that can offer predictive insight into customer behaviors in order to better understand their purchase cycle, and why they buy when and what they do. Big Data can reveal information to provide insights that were previously only available through human interaction, such as between a customer and a sales rep.

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Madison Logic Team

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