Webinar: The State of Multi-Channel ABM



As the convergence for demand and ABM continues across the B2B marketing landscape, connecting the dots between multiple channels is imperative. Addressing complex buying committees across these channels through personalized content leads to more engagement and a better overall experience for buyers.

In this webinar, guest speaker Robert Peterson, VP & Principal Analyst, Forrester, will share the latest research on the state of data-driven multi-channel ABM and how these findings will impact future B2B marketing strategies.

Following the research findings, Vin Turk, COO and Co-Founder, Madison Logic, and Rachel Teare, Senior Director, Global Marketing Readiness & Enablement, Citrix Systems, will discuss the research and share their own ABM successes and challenges.

Topics will include:

  • Trends and insights based on recent research on how enterprises are evolving and applying data and ABM strategies to improve marketing ROI
  • How content personalization and usage of a mix of channels can be used to accelerate the buyer’s journey
  • Best practices based on real-world experience on how to develop and implement a multi-channel ABM strategy

Join us to learn how a multi-channel ABM marketing strategy can accelerate your sales cycle by delivering the right message before the right audiences at the right stage of their buyers journey. And even if you can’t join live, register now and we’ll send you the recorded webinar to watch at your convenience. See you soon!

  • Webinar: The State of Multi-Channel ABM
  • Date: May 25, 2022
  • Time: 11:00am EDT / 4:00pm BST (webinar recording will be sent to all registrants to accommodate all time zones)

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