US Online Ad Spend to Close in on $40 Billion

By Nick Price

Online spending will grow 23.3% to $39.5 billion in 2012

US online ad spending will post growth well above 20% again this year to reach nearly $40 billion, eMarketer estimates, as the internet continues to prove its worth to advertisers in a tough economic climate.
Fast growth has put online ahead of some traditional media, especially print newspapers and magazines. This year, US online ad spending will exceed the total spent on print magazines and newspapers for the first time, at $39.5 billion vs. $33.8 billion. And as online shoots up, the print total will continue to inch downward.

US Online Ad Spend to Close in on $40 Billion

This increase in spend marks a huge milestone for the online advertising industry. Head on over to for the full study.

Nick Price

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