This article was originally published by Biz Report and was written by Kristina Knight

Martech and Adtech, according to two experts, will not only continue to be crucial to marketers, but the lines between will continue to blur. Here’s what brands need to know, as we head into 2017.

Martech and Adtech will being working together

“There has been significant investment for siloed platforms to interoperate and measured success, as we’ve seen within CRM integrated to Marketing Automation. I believe we’ll begin to see even more cross category platforms integrated in an efficient manner, requiring less on the client side setup, getting them to value quicker,” said Vin Turk, Co-Founder & SVP, Audience Development, Madison Logic. “With these platforms integrated, data flow between systems will increase in value as the capabilities of each platform will be able to leverage the insights and data from the other respective integrated systems.”

Second, look for ABM to trend higher

“Focusing on the account, over the user, makes it one of the most effective strategies available to B2B marketers today. That effectiveness frees up budget that would otherwise be wasted on impressions and engagement with the wrong users,” said Sonjoy Ganguly, SVP Product Management, Madison Logic. “With more money in the coffers, marketers will focus on expanding their ABM efforts in 2017. We see this playing out in a number of ways: for one, B2B marketers can afford to be always-on – a digital marketing benefit that’s eluded many in the past due to more tactical budgeting strategies and short-term objectives.”

Third, less linear buying

“With the ever increasing growth and diversity of the B2B buying committees, the buying process is no longer a linear process, and marketers can’t afford to rely on a single marketing tactic. Marketers need to think beyond the traditional lead gen campaigns and use those efficiencies to focus budget on multiple simultaneous marketing channels to effectively nurture an account. Marketers are realizing the traditional measurement approaches don’t work anymore, and they will be adopting new metrics to measure their performance and optimize their marketing tactics,” said Ganguly.