Transitioning into IT: Good Starter Jobs |

By Nick Price

Sologig.comCTO Mark Herschberg, our bottomless resource for startup advice, sheds some like on starting a career in the IT space as a software developer:

While he agrees that software development is a good place to start for many because it will have the biggest shortage of workers down the road, Mark Herschberg, CTO of Madison Logic, says there is no such thing as a “starter job” in IT.
“I’m not saying it’s not possible,” he explains, “but it’s not common. If you start out in QA, it’s going to be hard to convince someone to hire you as a developer next. Likewise, if you want to be a [systems] admin and begin on help desk, you’re probably going to spend your career on help desk.”
Herschberg’s advice for those who are looking to use one tech job as a way into another down the road? Talk to the hiring manager about this when you go into the first position, with a timeline for your training and movement into your next role.

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Nick Price

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