The Mobile Marketing Platform Problem with Programmatic

By Nick Price

Mobile is indisputably the next big marketing platform. As eMarketer predicts, US mobile programmatic ad spending will reach $9.33 billion by the end of this year and account for 60.5 percent of total US programmatic display ad spending. Moreover, mobile usage has surpassed desktop in the US: Sixty percent of activity on digital platforms occurs on smartphones and tablets, according to comScore.

So why is mobile user experience still so terrible? It took the Google “Mobilegeddon” to get many large brands to really concentrate on improving their mobile experience. Why did Google have to enact such a steep penalty on sites with poorly performing mobile experiences to get them to pay attention? Honestly, I think it’s partly because crappy mobile UI equals a higher rate of display advertising return. Just like takeover ads that appear when a user visits a site on a desktop computer, or like 30-page slideshows that force you to reload pages over and over, crappy UI creates higher ad revenue, and that demotivates change.

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Nick Price

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