The ABM Roadmap For 2017: 5 Steps To Activate Your Best Customer Accounts [WEBINAR & Q&A]



1 min

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On November 16th, Madison Logic joined DemandGen Report to conduct a webinar detailing the five-step roadmap to planning an ABM strategy. The steps range from getting senior leadership buy-in and selecting accounts, to program rollout. The speakers provided tips and best practices on each element of a successful ABM implementation, including:

  • Selecting the media tactics that will work best for target accounts;
  • Creating messaging strategies for targeted segments;
  • Aligning content with each targeted segment; and
  • The measurement metrics that will matter in 2017.

The webinar wrapped up as usual with a Q&A session, which generated a deeper dive into the topics discussed. You can view a synopsis of the Q&A session here.


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