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Raab Report: Account Based Marketers Need Many Vendors for Full Solution

By Nick Price

This article was originally written by Shabana Arora for MarTech Advisor

No single vendor offers a complete solution for Account Based Marketing (ABM), according to a detailed analysis of industry vendors prepared by analyst firm Raab Associates Inc.
The Raab Guide to Account Based Marketing Vendors, released this month, identifies four key ABM processes and six functions that systems provide to support those processes.  Most vendors support just one or two processes and only a handful support four or five.  None provides all the capabilities needed to identify target accounts, plan and execute interactions, and analyze results.
“ABM is a complicated process that requires all the components of any marketing program, including data, targeting, message creation and delivery, and analytics,” said report author David M. Raab. “While it’s not surprising that no single system provides a complete solution, it’s still important for marketers to understand exactly what functions are required and where to find them. The ABM Guide provides exactly this information.”
Marketers are especially likely to use multiple vendors to provide account data, since there are so many different kinds of data and different vendors specialize in each type.  Nearly three-quarters of the vendors included in the study assemble some type of external data, ranging from account and contact profiles to business news, technologies used, and content consumption used to predict purchase intent.  Similarly, marketers are likely to use several vendors to deliver messages because many firms specialize in particular channels such as display advertising, social media, Web content, email, or CRM. Just a handful of vendors tackle the core challenge of coordinating account interactions across all channels and throughout the customer journey.
“It’s important to recognize that many ABM functions can be provided by marketing automation and channel systems that were not designed especially for ABM,” Raab said. “But those systems must have account-level data, campaigns, and analytics to meet ABM requirements.  Many do not. So marketers must examine their existing systems carefully to determine they must add specialized ABM products.” The ABM Guide helps with this assessment by highlighting the specific capabilities that differentiate ABM products.
About the ABM Vendor Guide
The Raab Guide to Account Based Marketing Vendors provides detailed information on forty vendors of ABM-related products.  Information in the Guide was gathered directly by Raab Associates and covers 37 topics including  data sources, data storage, data outputs, target selection, planning, execution, analytics, operations, pricing, and vendor background. The Guide also provides an introduction to ABM, description of key ABM processes, system functions, and subfunctions, a summary chart showing which vendors provide which subfunctions, and explanations of topics covered in the vendor entries. Vendors in the report include Avention, Azalead, Bizible, Bombora, Dun & Bradstreet,, Datanyze, DemandBase, DiscoverOrg, Engagio, Evergage, Everstring, GetSmartContent, Growth Intelligence, HGData, Infer, InsideView, Kwanzoo, Lattice Engines, Leadspace, LeanData, LinkedIn, LookBookHQ, Madison Logic, Mariana, Mintigo, MRP, Orb Intelligence, Radius, Reachforce, SnapApp ,Terminus, The Big Willow, Triblio, TrueInfluence, Uberflip, Vendemore, YesPath, ZenIQ, and ZoomInfo.
Information in the VEST was gathered in June and July 2016.  The report is published by Raab Associates Inc., an independent consulting firm specializing in marketing technology and analytics. Price is $495. For more information, visit

Nick Price

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