Public Cloud Computing to Reach Nearly $70 Billion in 2015 Worldwide

By Nick Price

Cloud, as one of the substantial transformative forces, is impacting all areas of IT supply, composition, and consumption and provides the basis for many of the big data, mobile, and social solutions. In fact, International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts the number of new cloud-based solutions will triple in the next four to five years. To examine the current status of cloud deployment in the context of different vertical industries, IDC today unveiled “Cloud Computing: The Essential Foundation of Industry Digital Transformation — Worldwide and U.S. Cloud Forecast by Vertical, 2015–2019,” the first of four special reports IDC will be publishing on the 3rd Platform technologies by vertical. This study identifies industry drivers and barriers of using cloud technology and presents insights in terms of how to leverage cloud computing to create new value.

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Nick Price

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