Video: Learn About How PGi Used Activate ABM™ to Identify, Engage & Convert Their Target Audience



2 min

Read the transcript of the success story below:

I’m Cheryl Hanley, I’m Senior Director of Demand Generation at PGi. At PGi, we specialize in audio, web & video conferencing, webinar & webcasting solutions, teamwork space & project management solutions. We also have a video narration tool & it’s all in the cloud.

We have been working in partnership with Madison Logic on our ABM program for about a year now. Madison Logic offers a very unique, comprehensive program for ABM because it brings in both the content syndication to drive leads and also the display and native advertising to keep your brand in front of those accounts that matter most to you.

So, we can take our ABM account list and they will prioritize it based on how those accounts are showing in the B2B marketplace. I would say that Madison Logic has been a true partner all along the way, really working with us closely, to not only launch our programs on time, but also to optimize them in providing really good insights and advice on how to optimize our programs.

I will say that they are extremely responsive and have always helped us come up with ways that we can best utilize the insights and the data and that’s really why I like working with Madison Logic.