One Question With…Rachael Monroe Melot: Ad-Blocking

By Nick Price

In the past year, it has come to publishers and marketers attention that the usage percentage of ad-blockers is greatly increasing. As a result, publishers have grown increasingly concerned about revenue channels being affected and have constantly questioned what to do. We here at Madison Logic recently discussed this in our piece “Confessions of an Ad-Blocker” (found here). We thought it was best to continue this conversation because as much as some people want, ad-blocking isĀ not going away.

eMarketer approximates that 63% of millennials use ad-blockers and reports growing numbers for all other age ranges. Because of this, publishers and brands must figure out the best workaround in order to survive. We asked our own Rachel Monroe Melot, Vice President, Sales and New Business what she thinks publishers and brands need to do in order to address this issue.


Nick Price

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