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Work smarter, not harder in 2023. Download the 2023 Full-Funnel ABM Playbook.

Next Level ABM

By Sonjoy Ganguly

According to research from LeanData, 85 percent of B2B companies in late 2014 were either beginning to use or were fully utilizing ABM and 33 percent of marketing and sales professionals surveyed say that a top benefit of ABM is marketing and sales alignment, as well as the 27 percent who agree that a key benefit of ABM is an increase in lead follow-up and conversion rates.
Now that ABM is growing in popularity, now it’s time to think about new ways to use it to gain an edge over your competition.
As DMNews editor-in-chief Ginger Conlon notes, “B2B marketers need to think more about not only targeting the right customers, but also doing so in ways that support the sales team all along the purchase funnel. This is one reason that account-based marketing (ABM) is gaining renewed attention.”
LeanData CMO Dan Simon points out,ABM helps improve marketing and sales alignment by executing and measuring programs against a distinct set or type of accounts that sales cares about the most…Additionally, marketing will be guided by measurements that show impact at the account level—such as opportunities created or influenced—as opposed to reporting marketing-centric information, such as lead volume, Web traffic, downloads, or views.”
As we’ve emphasized before, this alliance between marketing and sales is absolutely crucial to ABM, but getting both teams on the same page is actually valuable to your entire organization’s goals. This collaborative approach to sales and marketing, driven by the implementation of ABM and strong intent data, enables both teams to support each other to deliver higher engagement and revenue results.
Martech News editor Rohit Roy notes another benefit/feature of ABM—is its use of emerging technology. For instance, ABM is currently based on a combination of IP-based identification and real time ad purchase [rather than cookies and tagging], making it an extremely targeted and real-time marketing technique.
Roy also points out that the organic link between sales and marketing will actually enable brands and companies to better measure the impact of their marketing campaigns, which has been a troubling issue to say the least. The great thing is, ABM can be utilized from the global enterprise level all the way down to the SMB in order to boost their marketing ROI and meet sales goals.
Now that there are even more reasons to love ABM, are you ready to consider it for your organization?
This article by PR and marketing pro Angela Stringfellow compiles 50 resources for B2B marketers to learn about and get started with account-based marketing. Choose from whitepapers, trend reports, market analyses, articles, eBooks, infographics, multimedia and video, and guides and how-tos, including:
Account-Based Marketing: Targeting the Committee – covers the complex B2B decision making process and advises B2B marketers on how to effectively target the one in charge of the purse strings and the people who influence him or her.
Believe the Hype – You Should Be Doing Account-Based Marketing – one of several resources outlining the benefits of an ABM program across an organization.
Multiple guides on getting your ABM program up and running, and how to get the maximum returns out of it, including supporting it with infrastructure and again, aligning the sales and marketing departments so their work efforts complement and support one another.
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Sonjoy Ganguly

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