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Newsjacking for the Real-Time B2B Marketer

By Nick Price

What is “newsjacking”? Those fortunate enough to attend DemandGen’s Content2Conversion Conference last week in Scottsdale, Arizona, were treated to a thought-provoking keynote on this topic by renowned marketing expert and author, David Meerman Scott.
Scott’s keynote focused on how the content that is being produced by many B2B marketing organization is failing to meet their prospect’s needs. He stressed that “B2B doesn’t have to mean ‘be too boring’” and that content should be educational and provide consumers with information that is relevant to the problems that they are facing in the industry.
News for All
So let’s talk about newsjacking, a term Meerman coined back in 2013. In its simplest definition, it is the process of injecting your brand’s take into a breaking news story as it breaks, hitching your story to the natural momentum of the news,
Consider how Oreo took advantage of the blackout in the third quarter of Super Bowl XLVII. What this typically can get your organization, as it did for Oreo, is a significant amount of media attention as your brand rides the arc of a news story.
For your prospects, it shows that your organization is attentive to the issues that matter most to your industry, but more importantly how it is poised to address issues just breaking in the marketplace. As such, your team should not only be talented content creators, but skillful listeners as well, paying attention to your industry’s breaking news and jumping on relevant stories early.
Living in a “Real-Time” World
Let’s use an example from Madison Logic’s recent history. Two weeks ago, LinkedIn announced that it was shuttering the Lead Accelerator portion of their $175-million acquisition of Bizo.
We responded immediately. Our team quickly put together a video featuring Madison Logic’s CEO, Tom O’Regan commenting on the news. We posted it on our blog and distributed it through social channels. By moving quickly, we jumped on the rising arc of the story. Reporters called seeking Tom’s insight; the video and the associated article were watched or read hundreds of times. (you can view this video here).
Why Video?
The CMO Council recently reported that 65% of senior marketing executives believe that visual assets (photos, videos, illustrations, and infographics) are core to how their brand story is communicated. So with these stats so high, why not turn to video to relay your organization’s message or position on a breaking news story. If a post with video can result in nearly 300% more inbound links and with 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide naming video as the type of content with the best ROI, video is quickly surpassing a simple blog post or tweet as the most effective means of conveying thought leadership, breaking news, or even a quick statement regarding the state of the marketplace.
Adapting For the Future
It is important to learn from industry leaders such as David Meerman Scott, but it is even more important to digest those lessons and build from them. Real-time content is the way of the future and the best way to reach your followers, but there needs to be a balance. There is never just one solution, so by creating a variety of content and always paying attention to the biggest and most relevant news stories, your organization can always remain relevant when the biggest stories are breaking and consequently you will be able to adapt at breakneck speed.
Image via S. Carter

Nick Price

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