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Madison Logic Launches Intent Data-Driven Products to Fuel Marketing Automation and CRM Effectiveness

By Madison Logic Team

Powerful B2B Intent Data Result of Monthly Assessment of Over 40 Million User Interactions

NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwired – Nov 14, 2013) –  Madison Logic, the premier provider of intent data solutions for B2B marketers and publishers, today announced that after a successful beta testing period they are releasing two new products, powered by intent data for the B2B industry — Content Consumption Monitoring™ and the Contributory Data Partnership. Content Consumption Monitoring™ allows a marketer to listen to their prospects and customers across a large B2B ecosystem. The industry’s first Contributory Data Partnership allows media companies to similarly listen to their own users and drive much deeper engagement. Now, marketers and publishers can both leverage intent data from across the hundreds of sites on their own users in order to much better engage them through various channels of communication. Additionally, Madison Logic evaluates over 40 million B2B interactions across 1200 topics each month, providing them with more intent data than any other one source and positioning them as the leader in B2B intent data industry.

Due to the volume of interactions around intent data that they monitor, Madison Logic can generate better engagement for marketers and publishers that are focused on delivering relevant, timely messages and content to their clients, because their multi-channel ad servers are promoting assets to professionals who have already interacted with a relevant topic. Additionally, Madison Logic’s clients are able to use intent data to better segment their email nurturing efforts with leads, find more qualified leads, understand which leads are currently in-market and to increase the responsiveness of their current customers.

“Content Consumption Monitoring gives marketers and publishers the ability to listen to content signals from their customers and develop insights from that input, which allows them to offer more appropriate communications,” said Erik Matlick, CEO of Madison Logic. “We have spent the past five years developing the largest intent driven database in the B2B industry. Our recently completed beta tests have experienced on average 200 to 300 percent increases in engagement metrics due to content monitoring. Intent data offers B2B marketers the chance to succeed like never before, and we’re excited to be leading the charge in delivering unparalleled insights.”

A variety of Madison Logic’s current clients and partners including The Pedowitz Group, Vendome Group, Net Communities and Bulldog Solutions, among others have already benefited from Content Consumption Monitoring and the Contributory Data Partnership, while in beta phase and are looking forward to working together to achieve greater success in the future.

“There is obvious and proven value to capturing and leveraging implicit behavior data to better segment and target your prospect universe,” said Chris Parisi, VP, Technology, Bulldog Solutions. “Madison Logic is changing the game by extending the size of our universe exponentially. They allow us to find more precise segments within our database that we may not have previously known to exist. We are excited about the opportunity to leverage this cutting edge technology to help us and our prospects drive more targeted engagements.”

Dan Melore, CMO of Vendome Group, said, “Leveraging intent data allows us to better serve our engaged healthcare communities and develop a deeper relationship with them.”

Andy Evans, CEO of Net Communities, said, “Our strategy is to increase our engagement with our customers — ‘giving them what they want, when they want it.’ Madison Logic’s Content Consumption Monitoring has proven, during our sample beta testing, to be a powerful tool to find what topics people are truly interested in and it improved all metrics. Intent data provides the insights behind the audience and will be used to power our multichannel communications to our customers.”

“Good B2B marketers are constantly trying to understand where prospects are in their buying cycles, so they can engage and nurture a relationship that ends up in a sale for their company,” said Bruce Culbert, a partner and chief service officer at The Pedowitz Group, the global leader in B2B Revenue Marketing™. “Being able to have insight into buyer behavior, engagement and content consumption from across the web will allow for greater understanding of the intent of these potential buyers. This insight, combined with marketing automation, will allow companies to better target messaging and engagement strategies that lead to better conversion metrics and greater return on overall marketing spend.”

Madison Logic Team

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